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est. 1960

Welcome to Cookies By Bess!

What began as a vintage cookie recipe book, first published by Bess Hoffman in 1960, and then again by Rich & Toby Hoffman in 1980, has been revitalized once again into a cookie community for all!  This timeless brand continues with Janet Hoffman (grand-daughter and daughter) sharing the story and blogging about all things cookies, family, and friendship.

Cinnamon Nut Tea Cake Bars

This recipe title is a bit confusing…am I making a tea cakes or tea bars? I was expecting the recipe to have two versions, one resulting in a tea cakes and another tea bars…well, what I got was one recipe and  wonderful Cinnamon Nut Tea Cake Bars! After making Cinnamon Nut Tea Cake Bars, I…

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Cherry Choco Surprises

Talk about a diverse cookie! Cherry Choco Surprises have so many options, even the recipe spells a couple of them out! To be honest, reading the recipe was a little confusing…you would think Cherry Choco Surprises have cherries in them…and they do, but not in the main recipe, the cherries show up in the recipe…

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Chocolate Almond Butterballs

Chocolate Almond Butterballs are your basic chocolate cookie…sorry, I mean great chocolate cookie! Melted semi-sweet chocolate mixed with butter, vanilla, and blanched almonds…rolled into balls and then in sugar to add just the right mount of sweetness. The chocolate flavor in Chocolate Almond Butterballs is subtle and prevalent…is that possible? 😊 What I mean is,…

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Chocolate Butterscotch Squares

I’m sure you all have heard of Blondies.  To me Blondies are basically a chocolate chip cookie recipe made into a bar cookie. Cookies by Bess Chocolate Butterscotch Squares are just that…a wonderful chocolate butterscotch cookies recipe made in to squares! It’s amazing to me how many ways a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe can…

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Bess Hoffman

"My cookies recipes are easy to follow and easy to do—and they taste delicious."


Janet Hoffman

"I love baking my Grandma Bess's cookies. It's become a great tradition in my home!"