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Cookies By Bess Assortment

Rich Chocolate Snowballs No. 1

Mom's Butter Cookies

Pinwheel Cookies

est. 1960

Welcome to Cookies By Bess!

What began as a vintage cookie recipe book, first published by Bess Hoffman in 1960, and then again by Rich & Toby Hoffman in 1980, has been revitalized once again into a cookie community for all!  This timeless brand continues with Janet Hoffman (grand-daughter and daughter) sharing the story and blogging about all things cookies, family, and friendship.

Almond Rounds

To start, I must make a huge confession. This blog should actually be about Cookies by Bess’ Almond Rings. But, something went very wrong while I was making the cookie dough, so I had to decide…throw out what I had or make huge adjustments to the recipe and rename the cookie. I chose the latter…

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Scotch Shortbread No. 1

I have really fond memories of shortbread cookies from my childhood. We had a baby sitter from Scotland that made us a traditional shortbread recipe when she was at our hours…flour, butter, and sugar.  The Scotch Shortbread No. 1 recipe has a couple more ingredients, so I was curious how similar they would be the…

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Date Bars No. 1

Date Bars No. 1 are in my top 10 favorite Cookie by Bess recipes! For me, there is just something about dates that make cookies super yummy! With a nice thick oatmeal crust and a sweet date topping, Date Bars No. 1 are a perfect and healthy bar cookie! Maybe its that dates are sweet…

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Chocolate Oatmeal Goodies

Not sure what is it about oatmeal, but I just love it in cookies! I think it’s the earthy and sometime chewy texture. And the oats go so well with all your traditional cookie ingredients. Chocolate Oatmeal Goodies have the texture I love and the perfect amount of chocolate to make these cookies a certain…

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Bess Hoffman

"My cookies recipes are easy to follow and easy to do—and they taste delicious."


Janet Hoffman

"I love baking my Grandma Bess's cookies. It's become a great tradition in my home!"