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"Good homemade cookies never go out of style."

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Welcome to Cookies By Bess!

What began as a vintage cookie recipe book, first published by Bess Hoffman in 1960, and then again by Rich & Toby Hoffman in 1980, has been revitalized once again into a cookie community for all!  This timeless brand continues with Janet Hoffman (grand-daughter and daughter) sharing the story and blogging about all things cookies, family, and friendship.

Wausua’s own ‘Cookie Lady’ honored by granddaughter

Will wonders ever cease? Honestly, this Cookies by Bess journey I’m on never ceases to amaze me! Whether it’s the amazing cookie recipes I’ve been baking over the last several years or the periodic encounter I have with a former Cookies by Bess cookie book owner or long time family friend…there is always something to…

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Chocolate Stars

Chocolate Stars by Cookies by Bess has to be one of the most unique tasting cookies I’ve tried so far! The recipe includes a ton of chocolate combined with zesty lemon and almonds. Certainly a combination I wasn’t expecting in a cookie recipe! Chocolate, lemon, and almonds…how do I even try to describe the taste…

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Lemon Spritz

Cookies by Bess’ Lemon Spritz cookies are full of wonderful fresh lemon flavors!  Top the cookies with a sweet confectioner’s sugar frosting infused with more fresh lemon rind and juice and you’ve got cookie screaming lemon! This is my second time making Lemon Spritz cookies.  As I was reviewing the recipe, I almost fell over…

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Cocoa Bars

The Cocoa Bars recipe from Cookies by Bess calls for a full ½ cup of cocoa giving these cookies a deep chocolate flavor you don’t always find in a cookie! So dark and so full of chocolate flavor you will think you are biting in to a chocolate cake tops with fudge frosting. When baking…

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Bess Hoffman

"My cookies recipes are easy to follow and easy to do—and they taste delicious."


Janet Hoffman

"I love baking my Grandma Bess's cookies. It's become a great tradition in my home!"