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Cookies By Bess Assortment

Rich Chocolate Snowballs No. 1

Mom's Butter Cookies

Pinwheel Cookies

est. 1960

Welcome to Cookies By Bess!

What began as a vintage cookie recipe book, first published by Bess Hoffman in 1960, and then again by Rich & Toby Hoffman in 1980, has been revitalized once again into a cookie community for all!  This timeless brand continues with Janet Hoffman (grand-daughter and daughter) sharing the story and blogging about all things cookies, family, and friendship.

Pecan Fingers

Pecan Fingers, one of my mother’s favorite Cookies by Bess recipes, is absolutely in the top 10 Cookies by Bess cookie recipes. I honestly don’t know why I don’t make Pecan Fingers once a month. They are easy to make and “to die for” taste good! One of my most favorite things about baking Grandma…

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Chocolate Bon Bon Cookies

Have you ever had a cookie that tastes like a brownie? Really, what could be better? Cookies by Bess’ Chocolate Bon Bon Cookies are just that…a brownie cookie! It’s really amazing how many good cookie recipes are included in Cookies by Bess. Grandma Bess really knew what she was doing when she chose each and…

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Ginger Creams

Who wouldn’t like a gingerbread cookie? Especially when cut into little gingerbread boys and girls! That’s what I was thinking when I decided to make Cookies by Bess’ Ginger Creams. A wonderful gingerbread cookie cut into any shapes you want and frosted with any frosting you want. Gotta love Cookies by Bess recipes…easy recipes to…

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Cinnamon Swirls

Cinnamon Swirls are pictured on the back cover of the Cookies by Bess cookie book. A super sweet looking cookie that has perfectly wonderful flavors! This picture, which shows Cinnamon Swirls (just left of center) and many other Cookies by Bess cookies, is one of the original pictures taken during the photo shoot way back…

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Bess Hoffman

"My cookies recipes are easy to follow and easy to do—and they taste delicious."


Janet Hoffman

"I love baking my Grandma Bess's cookies. It's become a great tradition in my home!"