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Rich Chocolate Snowballs No. 1

Mom's Butter Cookies

Pinwheel Cookies

est. 1960

Welcome to Cookies By Bess!

What began as a vintage cookie recipe book, first published by Bess Hoffman in 1960, and then again by Rich & Toby Hoffman in 1980, has been revitalized once again into a cookie community for all!  This timeless brand continues with Janet Hoffman (grand-daughter and daughter) sharing the story and blogging about all things cookies, family, and friendship.

Cookies by Bess’ 60th Anniversary!

It dawned on me a couple months ago that the year 2020 is Cookies by Bess’ 60th Anniversary! What an amazing milestone! The Hoffman family has been baking Cookies by Bess’ cookies for 60 years! WOW! Congratulations to us! 😊 To honor this major cookie baking milestone, I have pulled together some images from the…

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Almond Tarts

Cookies by Bess’ Almond Tarts are a wonderful mini-tart cookie filled with a sweet and almondy flavors. I hadn’t made a tart cookie before, so I was very curious how these little gems were going to turn out. After reading the recipe, I loved the idea of using mini muffin tins, shaping the cups, and…

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Scotch Toffies

Cookies by Bess has a couple cookie recipes that do not have flour. I can’t say these recipes are completely gluten free, but they are pretty darn close. Almost gluten free, but definitely not carbohydrate free! The corn syrup and brown sugar certainly take care of the carbs! Scotch Toffies have become one of my…

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Cinnamon Nut Squares

One of the things I love best about the Cookies by Bess cookie book, are all the unique cookie recipes! It has been so much fun to make so many cookie recipes I never would have made if I weren’t Grandma Bess’ granddaughter. Cinnamon Nut Squares is one of those recipes I might have passed…

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Bess Hoffman

"My cookies recipes are easy to follow and easy to do—and they taste delicious."


Janet Hoffman

"I love baking my Grandma Bess's cookies. It's become a great tradition in my home!"