Lemon Spritz


2 cups butter (1 lb)
2 cups sugar
2 egg yolks
Grated rind and juice of one lemon
4 cups flour
¼ cups chopped almonds


Cream butter and sugar until light. Add egg yolk and beat. Add lemon rind and juice, continue to mix well. Add flour and nuts, continue to mix well. Using cookie press, bake on lightly greased cookie sheet at 400 degrees for about 8 – 10 minutes. Also good with a thin powdered sugar frosting, colored.


Confectioner Sugar Frosting

1 Tbs & 1 tsp butter
¼ cup hot milk
About 3 – 3 ¼ cups sifted confectioner sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Food coloring (optional)

Add butter to the milk. Add sugar gradually to make frosting right for spreading. Add vanilla extract and mix well. Add food coloring as desired.

Recipe Yield

Makes many many cookies

Cookie Category:  Pressed

Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ☆